LogServer::LogEntry Struct Reference

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Public Types

enum  Type { LT_FILE, LT_FUNC }

Public Member Functions

 LogEntry (File *file, bool close, bool standart, int levels)
 LogEntry (LogFunction *func, int levels)

Public Attributes

union {
   struct {
      File *   file
      bool   close
      bool   standart
   LogFunction *   func
Type type
int levels

Member Enumeration Documentation

enum LogServer::LogEntry::Type


Constructor & Destructor Documentation

LogServer::LogEntry::LogEntry ( File file,
bool  close,
bool  standart,
int  levels 
) [inline]

LogServer::LogEntry::LogEntry ( LogFunction func,
int  levels 
) [inline]

Member Data Documentation

File* LogServer::LogEntry::file

bool LogServer::LogEntry::close

bool LogServer::LogEntry::standart

LogFunction* LogServer::LogEntry::func

union { ... }

Type LogServer::LogEntry::type

int LogServer::LogEntry::levels

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