Version History

                             Dark Oberon - Version History

Version 1.0.2-RC2

        Added:  Track selected units with 'T' key.
        Added:  Show life bar of unit under mouse cursor.
        Added:  Refresh rate setting in config.cfg file.
        Added:  Saving screenshots with 'F12' key.

        Change: Slower Peasants.

        Bugfix: Fixed compiling on 64bit systems (still not runable, sorry).
        Bugfix: Fixed reseting resolution on exit.
        Bugfix: Fixed loading of TGA files.
        Bugfix: Fixed minor drawing issues.
        Bugfix: Fixed compatibility with GCC 4.1.

Version 1.0.2-RC1

        Added:  All new original sounds by Lealoo.
        Added:  Allow building when multiple builders are selected.
        Added:  Possibility to pause or cancel producing of unit in factories.
        Added:  Set Build panel default for units and buildings that can build.
        Added:  Hot keys to tooltips of buttons.
        Added:  User config directory is ~/.dark-oberon on UNIX.

        Change: Improved GUI.
        Change: Default resolution is now 1024x768.
        Change: Two Peasants at start of Sunny Bay map.

        Remove: Whole experimental AI.

        Bugfix: Fixed finding nearest building that accept some material.
        Bugfix: Selecting groups cannot start over unit texture.
        Bugfix: Double showing dialogs "You lose", "You won".
        Bugfix: Fixed attacking units with range = 1 to large units (size > 3).
        Bugfix: Mouse cursor over dialogs fixed.
        Bugfix: Fixed problems with second run of game.
        Bugfix: Fixed storing and restoring selections.
        Bugfix: Wagging of trees.
        Bugfix: Compilable under gcc40.
        Bugfix: Unloading has higher priority than repairing.

Version 1.0.1

        Added:  README for UNIX compilation.

        Change: Removed all sounds because of licensing problems.

        Bugfix: Fixed some spelling issues.

Version 1.0

        Initial release.

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