Dark Oberon - README For Version 1.0.2

  Dark oberon is a real-time strategy released under GPL.


  1. Requirements
  2. How to compile
  3. How to run

1. Requirements

Hardware requirements 

  o Athlon 1 GHz (or equivalent Pentium)
  o graphics card with 3D support (OpenGL)
  o 512 MB RAM

Software requirements

  UNIX like OS (tested on FreeBSD and Linux).

  Note: Dark Oberon works also under Windows 95+, but README is only for UNIX
  like OSes.

  Additional libraries requiered:

    o GLFW 2.5 (
    o FMOD (

  Note: FMOD is needed only if you want to compile in sound/music support.

2. How to compile

   1. Download installation package dark-oberon-1.0.2.tar.gz

   2. Extract it with command:

       tar xzf dark-oberon-1.0.2.tar.gz

   3. Change into created directory:

       cd dark-oberon-1.0.2

   4. Compile it with make:


   If you want to compile sound support in, specify a SOUND=1 option to make in
   step 4. The full command will be:
       make SOUND=1

   You will also need to add -lfmod-3.74 to the end of LIBRARIES variable in

   If the compilation ends with "ld: cannot find -lglfw", you don't have GLFW
   installed in you system or it was not found. If GLFW is not in your system
   and there is no installation package, compile it yourself and put libglfw.a
   into libs/ subdirectory. If it was not found, specify path to libglfw.a in
   src/Makefile (variable LIBPATH) or copy it into libs/ subdirectory.

   If you had any troubles with compiling, tell us on our Help forum. The link
   for the forum can be found at our homepage.

3. How to run

  You can run Dark Oberon with command:


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