XMLUtils Member List

This is the complete list of members for XMLUtils, including all inherited members.

CreateDocument(const char *root_name)XMLUtils [static]
CreateMemorySource(const byte_t *buffer, long size, const char *source_id)XMLUtils [inline, static]
CreateMemoryTarget()XMLUtils [inline, static]
CreateParseErrorHandler()XMLUtils [inline, static]
CreateParser()XMLUtils [inline, static]
CreateWriteErrorHandler()XMLUtils [inline, static]
CreateWriter()XMLUtils [inline, static]
Done()XMLUtils [inline, static]
GetAttributeValue(const DOMElement *element, const char *attr_name)XMLUtils [inline, static]
GetSubElementsCount(const DOMElement *element)XMLUtils [inline, static]
Init()XMLUtils [inline, static]
ParseSource(XercesDOMParser *parser, InputSource *source)XMLUtils [inline, static]
WriteTarget(DOMWriter *writer, XMLFormatTarget *target, DOMNode *node)XMLUtils [inline, static]

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