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[Kernel Module]

#include <root.h>

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Object TreeNode< Root > Referenced Counted Serialized List< Root > ListNode< Root > Animator Env OnScreenText Preloaded Prototype RemoteClient Resource RootServer< Node > RootServer< AudioServer > RootServer< FileServer > RootServer< Game > RootServer< GfxServer > RootServer< InputServer > RootServer< MessageServer > RootServer< PathServer > RootServer< RemoteServer > RootServer< ResourceServer > RootServer< SceneServer > RootServer< ScriptServer > RootServer< SerializeServer > RootServer< TimeServer > Scene SceneNode SceneObject ScriptLoader SelectionRenderer Serializer Unit

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Detailed Description

Defines the basic functionality and interface for object hierarchy.

Public Member Functions

 Root (const char *id)
void SetID (const string &id)
const string & GetID ()
string GetFullPath ()
RootFind (const string &path)
void Sort (bool backward=false)
int GetTreeSize () const
void LogTree (const string &indent) const
void Lock () const
void Unlock () const
bool ReleaseChildren ()
void ClearChildren ()

Protected Member Functions

virtual ~Root ()
void SendMessage (BaseMessage *message, Root *destination, double delay=0.0)
virtual bool Serialize (Serializer &serializer)
virtual bool Deserialize (Serializer &serializer, bool first)

Protected Attributes

string id

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Root::Root ( const char *  id  ) 

Root::~Root (  )  [protected, virtual]

Member Function Documentation

void Root::SetID ( const string &  id  )  [inline]

const string & Root::GetID (  )  [inline]

Returns the object's id without path.

string Root::GetFullPath (  ) 

Returns the full pathname of the object.

Root * Root::Find ( const string &  id  )  [inline]

Finds a child object with a given id, NULL if not found.

void Root::Sort ( bool  backward = false  ) 

Sort child objects alphabetically. This is a slow operation.

int Root::GetTreeSize (  )  const

Recursive version of GetInstanceSize(). Returns the summed the size of all children.

void Root::LogTree ( const string &  indent  )  const

Writes hierarchy with this node in the root to log file.

void Root::Lock (  )  const [inline]

void Root::Unlock (  )  const [inline]

bool Root::ReleaseChildren (  ) 

Releases all children nodes.

Children with more counted pointers are preserved.
True if all children were released.

void Root::ClearChildren (  ) 

Removes all children nodes.

Children are not released.

void Root::SendMessage ( BaseMessage message,
Root destination,
double  delay = 0.0 
) [protected]

bool Root::Serialize ( Serializer serializer  )  [protected, virtual]

Recursively serialize all children.

Reimplemented from Serialized.

Reimplemented in BuildingPrototype, ForcePrototype, Player, Preloaded, Prototype, and Unit.

bool Root::Deserialize ( Serializer serializer,
bool  first 
) [protected, virtual]

Recursively deserialize all children.

Reimplemented from Serialized.

Reimplemented in BuildingPrototype, ForcePrototype, Player, Preloaded, Prototype, Unit, Animation, Mesh, and Model.

Member Data Documentation

string Root::id [protected]

Mutex* Root::mutex [mutable, protected]

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