RemoteServer Class Reference
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#include <remoteserver.h>

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RootServer< RemoteServer > Root Server< RemoteServer > Object TreeNode< Root > Referenced Counted Serialized List< Root > ListNode< Root > PlayerRemoteServer

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Public Member Functions

 RemoteServer (const char *id)
virtual ~RemoteServer ()
bool RegisterClient (RemoteClient *client)
bool DeregisterClient (RemoteClient *client)
RemoteClientGetClient (byte_t remote_id) const
void SendRemoteMessage (BaseMessage *message, RemoteClient *sender, RemoteClient *desination, double delay=0.0)

Protected Member Functions

virtual bool CreateRemoteClient (byte_t client_id)

Private Types

typedef hash_map
< byte_t,
RemoteClient * > 

Private Attributes

bool master
byte_t max_clients
ClientsMap clients
Ref< MessageServermessage_server

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef hash_map<byte_t, RemoteClient *> RemoteServer::ClientsMap [private]

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

RemoteServer::RemoteServer ( const char *  id  ) 

Saves pointer to message server.

RemoteServer::~RemoteServer (  )  [virtual]

Member Function Documentation

bool RemoteServer::RegisterClient ( RemoteClient client  ) 

Creating clients in all slave servers.

Registerimg client in master server.

bool RemoteServer::DeregisterClient ( RemoteClient client  ) 

Deleting clients in all slave servers.

Deregisterimg client in master server.

RemoteClient * RemoteServer::GetClient ( byte_t  remote_id  )  const [inline]

void RemoteServer::SendRemoteMessage ( BaseMessage message,
RemoteClient sender,
RemoteClient desination,
double  delay = 0.0 

Sending message to remote client.

bool RemoteServer::CreateRemoteClient ( byte_t  client_id  )  [protected, virtual]

Reimplemented in PlayerRemoteServer.

Member Data Documentation

bool RemoteServer::master [private]

byte_t RemoteServer::max_clients [private]

ClientsMap RemoteServer::clients [private]

Ref<MessageServer> RemoteServer::message_server [private]

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