Primitive Member List

This is the complete list of members for Primitive, including all inherited members.

GetIndex(ushort_t id)Primitive [inline]
GetIndices()Primitive [inline]
GetIndicesCount()Primitive [inline]
GetType()Primitive [inline]
indicesPrimitive [private]
indices_countPrimitive [private]
Primitive()Primitive [inline]
PrimitiveType enum namePrimitive
PT_FAN enum valuePrimitive
PT_INVALID enum valuePrimitive
PT_QUADS enum valuePrimitive
PT_STRIP enum valuePrimitive
PT_TRIANGLES enum valuePrimitive
Set(PrimitiveType type, ushort_t *indices, ushort_t indices_count)Primitive [inline]
StringToType(const string &name)Primitive [inline, static]
typePrimitive [private]
TypeToString(PrimitiveType type, string &name)Primitive [inline, static]
~Primitive()Primitive [inline]

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