PlayerMap Member List

This is the complete list of members for PlayerMap, including all inherited members.

IsAreaVisible(const MapPosition3D &position, const MapSize &size) const PlayerMap [inline]
IsInMap(const vector2 &map_position, MapEnums::Segment &segment) const PlayerMap [inline]
map_sizePlayerMap [protected]
PlayerMap(const MapSize &size, bool warfog_texture)PlayerMap
RenderMask(MapEnums::Segment segment, const MapArea &visible_area)PlayerMap
RenderWarfog(MapEnums::Segment segment, const MapArea &visible_area)PlayerMap
UpdateWarfog(const Unit *unit, bool added)PlayerMap
warfogPlayerMap [protected]
warfog_fieldPlayerMap [protected]
warfog_sizePlayerMap [protected]
~PlayerMap()PlayerMap [virtual]

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