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#include <object.h>

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Counted Serialized Root Animator Env OnScreenText Preloaded Prototype RemoteClient Resource RootServer< Node > RootServer< AudioServer > RootServer< FileServer > RootServer< Game > RootServer< GfxServer > RootServer< InputServer > RootServer< MessageServer > RootServer< PathServer > RootServer< RemoteServer > RootServer< ResourceServer > RootServer< SceneServer > RootServer< ScriptServer > RootServer< SerializeServer > RootServer< TimeServer > Scene SceneNode SceneObject ScriptLoader SelectionRenderer Serializer Unit

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Public Member Functions

 Object (const char *name)
virtual int GetInstanceSize () const
ClassGetClass () const
bool IsA (const Class *) const
bool IsA (const char *) const
bool IsInstanceOf (const Class *) const
bool Dispatch (Cmd *)
void GetCmdProtos (HashList *)

Protected Member Functions

virtual ~Object ()
void SetClass (Class *)
virtual const char * GetGroupName ()

Protected Attributes

 Pointer to kernel server.
 Pointer to my class.


class Class

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Object::Object ( const char *  id  ) 

Constructor. DONT CALL DIRECTLY, USE KernelServer::New() INSTEAD!

Object::~Object (  )  [protected, virtual]


Member Function Documentation

int Object::GetInstanceSize (  )  const [virtual]

Get byte size of this instance. For more accuracy, subclasses should add the size of allocated memory.

Class * Object::GetClass (  )  const [inline]

Returns pointer to my class object.

bool Object::IsA ( const Class cl  )  const [inline]

Returns true if object is part of class hierarchy.

bool Object::IsA ( const char *  class_name  )  const

Checks if a class of the given name is part of the class hierarchy for this object.

bool Object::IsInstanceOf ( const Class cl  )  const [inline]

Returns true if object is instance of class.

bool Object::Dispatch ( Cmd cmd  ) 

Invokes Cmd on object.

void Object::GetCmdProtos ( HashList cmd_list  ) 

Returns cmd proto list from object.

void Object::SetClass ( Class cl  )  [inline, protected]

Sets pointer to my class object.

const char * Object::GetGroupName (  )  [protected, virtual]

Reimplemented from Serialized.

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class Class [friend]

Member Data Documentation

KernelServer* Object::kernel_server [protected]

Pointer to kernel server.

Class* Object::my_class [protected]

Pointer to my class.

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