Object Member List

This is the complete list of members for Object, including all inherited members.

AcquirePointer()Counted [inline]
Class classObject [friend]
Counted()Counted [inline]
Deserialize(Serializer &serializer, bool first)Serialized [protected, virtual]
Dispatch(Cmd *)Object
GetClass() const Object [inline]
GetCmdProtos(HashList *)Object
GetGroupName()Object [protected, virtual]
GetInstanceSize() const Object [virtual]
IsA(const Class *) const Object [inline]
IsA(const char *) const Object
IsInstanceOf(const Class *) const Object [inline]
kernel_serverObject [protected]
LockCounted()Counted [inline, protected, static]
my_classObject [protected]
Object(const char *name)Object
Release()Counted [inline, virtual]
Serialize(Serializer &serializer)Serialized [protected, virtual]
SetClass(Class *)Object [inline, protected]
UnlockCounted()Counted [inline, protected, static]
~Counted()Counted [inline, protected, virtual]
~Object()Object [protected, virtual]
~Serialized()Serialized [virtual]

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