Map Member List

This is the complete list of members for Map, including all inherited members.

AcquirePointer()Counted [inline]
activePreloaded [protected]
AddObjectRef(Ref< Referenced > *)Referenced [inline]
AddSceneObject(MapEnums::Segment segment_id, SceneObject *scene_object)Map
AddUnit(Unit *unit)Map
author_contactMap [protected]
author_nameMap [protected]
catchedMap [protected]
CD_MOVE_DOWN enum valueMap
CD_MOVE_LEFT enum valueMap
CD_MOVE_RIGHT enum valueMap
CD_MOVE_UP enum valueMap
CD_NONE enum valueMap
CD_ZOOM_IN enum valueMap
CD_ZOOM_OUT enum valueMap
CD_ZOOM_RESET enum valueMap
change_directionMap [protected]
ChangeDirection enum nameMap
ChangeView(byte_t direction)Map [inline]
ClearBody()Map [protected, virtual]
ClearHeader()Map [protected, virtual]
Counted()Counted [inline]
Deserialize(Serializer &serializer, bool first)Preloaded [protected, virtual]
Dispatch(Cmd *)Object
file_namePreloaded [protected]
Find(const string &path)Root [inline]
FindPickUnit(ushort_t screen_x, ushort_t screen_y) const Map [inline]
FindPickUnit(MapEnums::Segment segment, ushort_t screen_x, ushort_t screen_y) const Map [protected]
FindUnitsInRectangle(const vector2 &corner1, const vector2 &corner2, list< Unit * > &units) const Map
fragmentsMap [protected]
frame_movingMap [protected]
GetBack() const List< Root >
GetClass() const Object [inline]
GetCmdProtos(HashList *)Object
GetData() const ListNode< Root >
GetField(const MapPosition3D &position) const Map [inline]
GetFileName()Preloaded [inline]
GetFront() const List< Root >
GetGroupName()Object [protected, virtual]
GetID()Root [inline]
GetInstanceSize() const Object [virtual]
GetNext() const ListNode< Root >
GetParent() const TreeNode< Root >
GetPrev() const ListNode< Root >
GetRefs()Referenced [inline]
GetScheme()Map [inline]
GetSize()Map [inline]
GetSurface(const MapPosition2D &position) const Map [inline]
GetTreeSize() const Root
GetVisibleArea()Map [inline]
GetVisibleSegment()Map [inline]
idRoot [protected]
InsertAfter(Root *prev)ListNode< Root >
InsertBefore(Root *next)ListNode< Root >
InvalidateAllRefs()Referenced [protected]
IsA(const Class *) const Object [inline]
IsA(const char *) const Object
IsActive()Preloaded [inline]
IsEmpty() const List< Root >
IsInMap(const MapPosition2D &position) const Map [inline]
IsInMap(const MapPosition2D &position, const MapSize &size) const Map [inline]
IsInstanceOf(const Class *) const Object [inline]
IsLinked() const ListNode< Root >
IsLoaded()Preloaded [inline]
IsWarfogEnabled()Map [inline]
kernel_serverObject [protected]
List()List< Root >
ListNode(void *pdata=NULL)ListNode< Root >
Load()Preloaded [virtual]
load_headerPreloaded [protected]
loadedPreloaded [protected]
LoadResources()Preloaded [protected, virtual]
Lock() const Root [inline]
LockCounted()Counted [inline, protected, static]
LogTree(const string &indent) const Root
Map(const char *id)Map
MapToScreen(MapEnums::Segment segment, const vector2 &map_position, vector2 &screen_position) const Map [inline]
move_speedMap [protected]
mutexRoot [mutable, protected]
my_classObject [protected]
nameMap [protected]
Object(const char *name)Object
OnAction(const string &action, int position, void *data)Map [protected, static]
PopBack()List< Root >
PopFront()List< Root >
positionMap [protected]
Preloaded(const char *id)Preloaded
projectionMap [protected]
projection_coef_hMap [protected]
projection_coef_vMap [protected]
PushBack(Root *node)List< Root >
PushFront(Root *node)List< Root >
ReadBody(Serializer &serializer)Map [protected, virtual]
ReadFragment(Serializer &serializer, Fragment &fragment)Map [protected]
ReadFragments(Serializer &serializer)Map [protected]
ReadHeader(Serializer &serializer)Map [protected, virtual]
refListReferenced [protected]
Release()Counted [inline, virtual]
RemObjectRef(Ref< Referenced > *)Referenced [inline]
Remove()ListNode< Root >
RemoveSceneObject(MapEnums::Segment segment_id, SceneObject *scene_object)Map
RemoveUnit(Unit *unit)Map
Root(const char *id)Root
schemeMap [protected]
ScreenToMap(MapEnums::Segment segment, const vector2 &screen_position, vector2 &map_position) const Map [inline]
segmentsMap [protected]
SendMessage(BaseMessage *message, Root *destination, double delay=0.0)Root [protected]
Serialize(Serializer &serializer)Preloaded [protected, virtual]
SetActive(bool active)Map [virtual]
SetClass(Class *)Object [inline, protected]
SetData(void *data)ListNode< Root >
SetFileName(const string &file_name)Preloaded [inline]
SetID(const string &id)Root [inline]
SetMoveSpeed(float move_speed)Map [inline]
SetVisibleSegment(MapEnums::Segment segment)Map [inline]
SetWarfogEnabled(bool enabled)Map [inline]
SetZoomSpeed(float zoom_speed)Map [inline]
sizeMap [protected]
Sort(bool backward=false)Root
surfaceMap [protected]
TreeNode()TreeNode< Root >
Unload()Preloaded [virtual]
UnloadResources()Preloaded [protected, virtual]
Unlock() const Root [inline]
UnlockCounted()Counted [inline, protected, static]
UpdateProjection()Map [protected]
UpdateSurface(const MapPosition2D &position, const Scheme::Fragment &fragment)Map [protected]
UpdateView()Map [protected]
UpdateViewport(ushort_t width, ushort_t height)Map
UpdateVisibleArea()Map [protected]
view_changedMap [protected]
viewportMap [protected]
visible_areaMap [protected]
visible_segmentMap [protected]
warfog_enabledMap [protected]
WriteBody(Serializer &serializer)Map [protected, virtual]
WriteHeader(Serializer &serializer)Map [protected, virtual]
zoomMap [protected]
zoom_speedMap [protected]
~Counted()Counted [inline, protected, virtual]
~List()List< Root > [virtual]
~ListNode()ListNode< Root > [virtual]
~Map()Map [virtual]
~Object()Object [protected, virtual]
~Preloaded()Preloaded [virtual]
~Referenced()Referenced [virtual]
~Root()Root [protected, virtual]
~Serialized()Serialized [virtual]

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