FreeTypeFontFile Class Reference
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#include <freetypefontfile.h>

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FontFile DataFile

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Detailed Description

Read access to many font formats.

It supports both bitmap and scalable formats, including TrueType, OpenType, Type1, CID, CFF, Windows FON/FNT, X11 PCF, and others. Uses high-speed anti-aliased glyph bitmap generation with 256 gray levels.

Public Member Functions

 FreeTypeFontFile ()
virtual ~FreeTypeFontFile ()
virtual bool Open (bool write=false)
virtual void Close ()
virtual ulong_t LoadData ()
virtual byte_tGetData (ulong_t char_code, bool close=false)

Protected Attributes

FT_Library library
 FreeType library.
FT_Face face
 FreeType font face.
FT_Byte * buffer
 Buffer for image data.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

FreeTypeFontFile::FreeTypeFontFile (  ) 


FreeTypeFontFile::~FreeTypeFontFile (  )  [virtual]

Destructor. Closes opened file.

Member Function Documentation

bool FreeTypeFontFile::Open ( bool  write = false  )  [virtual]

Opens FreeType font file.

Creates File object for access to file in filesystem and initialize FreeType library.

write Whether file will be opened for writing.
True if successful.

Reimplemented from DataFile.

void FreeTypeFontFile::Close (  )  [virtual]

Closes FreeType font file. Cleares FreeType structures, deletes data and File object. File has to be opened before.

Reimplemented from DataFile.

ulong_t FreeTypeFontFile::LoadData (  )  [virtual]

Loads font data from opened file.

Whole file is loaded into memory buffer first.

Size of loaded data.

Reimplemented from DataFile.

byte_t * FreeTypeFontFile::GetData ( ulong_t  char_code,
bool  close = false 
) [virtual]

Returns bitmap of one character.

char_code Code of wanted character.
close Whether file will be closed after returning the data.
Character bitmap.

Reimplemented from FontFile.

Member Data Documentation

FT_Library FreeTypeFontFile::library [protected]

FreeType library.

FT_Face FreeTypeFontFile::face [protected]

FreeType font face.

FT_Byte* FreeTypeFontFile::buffer [protected]

Buffer for image data.

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