File Member List

This is the complete list of members for File, including all inherited members.

act_lineFile [protected]
binaryFile [protected]
Eof() const File
fileFile [protected]
File()File [protected]
File(FILE *file, const char *file_path, bool binary)File [protected]
file_pathFile [protected]
FileServer classFile [friend]
Flush()File [inline]
GetFilePath() const File [inline]
GetLine() const File [inline]
GetSize() const File
IsBinary() const File [inline]
IsOpened() const File [inline]
OnClose(void *source)File [inline, static]
OnFlush(void *source)File [inline, static]
OnRead(void *ptr, size_t size, size_t nmemb, void *source)File [inline, static]
OnSeek(void *source, long offset, int whence)File [inline, static]
OnSeek64(void *source, __int64 offset, int whence)File [inline, static]
OnTell(void *source)File [inline, static]
OnWrite(const void *ptr, size_t size, size_t count, void *source)File [inline, static]
Open(const string &fileName, const char *accessMode)File
openedFile [protected]
PrintF(const char *format,...)File
Read(void *buffer, size_t size)File
ReadChar()File [inline]
ReadDouble()File [inline]
ReadFloat()File [inline]
ReadInt()File [inline]
ReadLine(string &line)File
ReadLong()File [inline]
ReadShort()File [inline]
ReadUChar()File [inline]
ReadUInt()File [inline]
ReadULong()File [inline]
ReadUShort()File [inline]
Seek(long offset, SeekType origin)File
SeekType enum nameFile
ST_CURRENT enum valueFile
ST_END enum valueFile
ST_START enum valueFile
Tell() const File
Write(const void *buffer, size_t size)File
WriteChar(char val)File [inline]
WriteDouble(double val)File [inline]
WriteFloat(float val)File [inline]
WriteInt(int val)File [inline]
WriteLine(const string &line)File
WriteLong(long val)File [inline]
WriteShort(short val)File [inline]
WriteUChar(unsigned char val)File [inline]
WriteUInt(unsigned int val)File [inline]
WriteULong(unsigned long val)File [inline]
WriteUShort(unsigned short val)File [inline]
~File()File [virtual]

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