Engine Class Reference
[Engine Module]

#include <engine.h>

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Detailed Description

Main class of engine.

Registers all available modules, creates core servers and runs given game.

Public Member Functions

 Engine ()
virtual ~Engine ()
bool Open (int argc, char *argv[])
bool Run (const char *game_class, const string &title, void(*game_module)(void)=NULL)
void Close ()

Protected Attributes

bool opened
 Whether engine is opened.
 Shortcut to kernel server.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Engine::Engine (  ) 


Engine::~Engine (  )  [virtual]


Member Function Documentation

bool Engine::Open ( int  argc,
char *  argv[] 

Starts engine. First all core servers are created (KernelServer, FileServer and ScriptServer) and all available modules are registered. Then main script (app:setup.lua) is processed. In these script are created all servers that we will use. Logging into standart output is also enabled.

argc Number of arguments.
argv Array of argumetns that are given to executable file.
True if successful.

bool Engine::Run ( const char *  game_class,
const string &  title,
void(*)(void)  game_module = NULL 

Creates and runs game object of given class name. If game module is presented, this module will be registered first.

game_class Class name of game object.
title Game title.
game_module Pointer to game module.
True if successful.

void Engine::Close (  ) 

Stops engine. Releases kernel server (with all servers and objects in NOH).

Member Data Documentation

bool Engine::opened [protected]

Whether engine is opened.

KernelServer* Engine::kernel_server [protected]

Shortcut to kernel server.

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