DisplayMode Class Reference
[Framework Module]

#include <displaymode.h>

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Detailed Description

Contains display mode parameters.

Public Member Functions

 DisplayMode ()
void SetWindowPosition (const DisplayMode::WidowPosition &position)
void SetWindowSize (const DisplayMode::WidowSize &size)
void SetFullscreenSize (const DisplayMode::WidowSize &size)
void SetModeSize (const DisplayMode::WidowSize &size)
void SetFullscreen (bool fullscreen)
void SetBpp (VideoMode::Bpp depth)
void SetVerticalSync (bool vsync)
void SetRefreshRate (byte_t rrate)
void ToggleFullscreen ()
const WidowPositionGetWindowPosion () const
const WidowSizeGetWindowSize () const
const WidowSizeGetFullscreenSize () const
const WidowSizeGetModeSize () const
bool IsFullscreen () const
VideoMode::Bpp GetBpp () const
bool IsVerticalSync () const
byte_t GetRefreshRate () const
bool TestBpp (VideoMode::Bpp bpp)

Private Attributes

bool fullscreen
WidowPosition wnd_position
WidowSize wnd_size
WidowSize full_size
VideoMode::Bpp bpp
bool vertical_sync
byte_t refresh_rate


struct  WidowPosition
struct  WidowSize

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

DisplayMode::DisplayMode (  )  [inline]

Member Function Documentation

void DisplayMode::SetWindowPosition ( const DisplayMode::WidowPosition position  )  [inline]

void DisplayMode::SetWindowSize ( const DisplayMode::WidowSize size  )  [inline]

void DisplayMode::SetFullscreenSize ( const DisplayMode::WidowSize size  )  [inline]

void DisplayMode::SetModeSize ( const DisplayMode::WidowSize size  )  [inline]

void DisplayMode::SetFullscreen ( bool  fullscreen  )  [inline]

void DisplayMode::SetBpp ( VideoMode::Bpp  depth  )  [inline]

void DisplayMode::SetVerticalSync ( bool  vsync  )  [inline]

void DisplayMode::SetRefreshRate ( byte_t  rrate  )  [inline]

void DisplayMode::ToggleFullscreen (  )  [inline]

const DisplayMode::WidowPosition & DisplayMode::GetWindowPosion (  )  const [inline]

const DisplayMode::WidowSize & DisplayMode::GetWindowSize (  )  const [inline]

const DisplayMode::WidowSize & DisplayMode::GetFullscreenSize (  )  const [inline]

const DisplayMode::WidowSize & DisplayMode::GetModeSize (  )  const [inline]

bool DisplayMode::IsFullscreen (  )  const [inline]

VideoMode::Bpp DisplayMode::GetBpp (  )  const [inline]

bool DisplayMode::IsVerticalSync (  )  const [inline]

byte_t DisplayMode::GetRefreshRate (  )  const [inline]

bool DisplayMode::TestBpp ( VideoMode::Bpp  bpp  )  [inline]

Member Data Documentation

bool DisplayMode::fullscreen [private]

WidowPosition DisplayMode::wnd_position [private]

WidowSize DisplayMode::wnd_size [private]

WidowSize DisplayMode::full_size [private]

VideoMode::Bpp DisplayMode::bpp [private]

bool DisplayMode::vertical_sync [private]

byte_t DisplayMode::refresh_rate [private]

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