Animation Class Reference
[Framework Module]

#include <animation.h>

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SerializedResource Resource Root Object TreeNode< Root > Referenced Counted Serialized List< Root > ListNode< Root >

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Public Types

enum  AnimationType { AT_VECTROR2, AT_VECTROR4 }
enum  AnimationFilter { AF_NONE, AF_LINEAR }
enum  LoopType { LT_NONE, LT_CYCLE, LT_ZIGZAG }

Public Member Functions

 Animation (const char *id)
virtual ~Animation ()
AnimationType GetType ()
bool TestType (AnimationType type)
LoopType GetLoopType ()
bool TestLoopType (LoopType loop_type)
ushort_t GetSamplesCount ()
ushort_t GetIndicesCount ()
AnimationSampleGetSamples ()
double GetAnimTime ()
bool IsRandomBegin ()
virtual ulong_t GetDataSize ()

Static Public Member Functions

static bool TypeToString (AnimationType type, string &name)
static bool StringToType (const string &name, AnimationType &type)
static bool LoopTypeToString (LoopType loop_type, string &name)
static bool StringToLoopType (const string &name, LoopType &loop_type)
static bool FilterToString (AnimationFilter filter, string &name)
static bool StringToFilter (const string &name, AnimationFilter &filter)

Protected Member Functions

void Clear ()
virtual bool Deserialize (Serializer &serializer, bool first)
bool ReadProperties (Serializer &serializer)
bool ReadSamples (Serializer &serializer)

Protected Attributes

AnimationType type
LoopType loop_type
ushort_t samples_count
ushort_t indices_count
double anim_time
bool random_begin
ulong_t data_size


struct  AnimationSample

Member Enumeration Documentation

enum Animation::AnimationType


enum Animation::AnimationFilter


enum Animation::LoopType


Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Animation::Animation ( const char *  id  ) 


Animation::~Animation (  )  [virtual]


Member Function Documentation

Animation::AnimationType Animation::GetType (  )  [inline]

bool Animation::TestType ( Animation::AnimationType  type  )  [inline]

Animation::LoopType Animation::GetLoopType (  )  [inline]

bool Animation::TestLoopType ( Animation::LoopType  loop_type  )  [inline]

ushort_t Animation::GetSamplesCount (  )  [inline]

ushort_t Animation::GetIndicesCount (  )  [inline]

Animation::AnimationSample * Animation::GetSamples (  )  [inline]

double Animation::GetAnimTime (  )  [inline]

bool Animation::IsRandomBegin (  )  [inline]

ulong_t Animation::GetDataSize (  )  [virtual]

Return an estimated byte size of the resource data. This is only used for statistics.

Reimplemented from Resource.

bool Animation::TypeToString ( AnimationType  type,
string &  name 
) [static]

bool Animation::StringToType ( const string &  name,
AnimationType type 
) [static]

bool Animation::LoopTypeToString ( LoopType  loop_type,
string &  name 
) [static]

bool Animation::StringToLoopType ( const string &  name,
LoopType loop_type 
) [static]

bool Animation::FilterToString ( AnimationFilter  filter,
string &  name 
) [static]

bool Animation::StringToFilter ( const string &  name,
AnimationFilter filter 
) [static]

void Animation::Clear (  )  [protected, virtual]

Clears all resource data.

Reimplemented from SerializedResource.

bool Animation::Deserialize ( Serializer serializer,
bool  first 
) [protected, virtual]

Recursively deserialize all children.

Reimplemented from Root.

bool Animation::ReadProperties ( Serializer serializer  )  [protected]

bool Animation::ReadSamples ( Serializer serializer  )  [protected]

Member Data Documentation

AnimationType Animation::type [protected]

Reimplemented from Resource.

LoopType Animation::loop_type [protected]

AnimationSample* Animation::samples [protected]

ushort_t Animation::samples_count [protected]

ushort_t Animation::indices_count [protected]

double Animation::anim_time [protected]

bool Animation::random_begin [protected]

ulong_t Animation::data_size [protected]

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